Gun Bros

Gun Bros 3.5.0

Guns, destruction, and mayhem

Gun Bros is a Smash Bros-style arcade shooter than relies on lots of bullets. View full description


  • Great graphics
  • Nostalgic gameplay
  • Addictive


  • Controls are a little loose

Very good

Gun Bros is a Smash Bros-style arcade shooter than relies on lots of bullets.

There are a lot of shooters on Android, but none of them have the same type of action that Gun Bros have. An impressive title, Gun Bros combines the craziness of non-stop shooting and constant moving.

The purpose of Gun Bros is to survive waves of different enemy types, gain experience, and earn currency to buy new, powerful weapons. The gameplay nature of Gun Bros requires a lot of patience and repetition. Surviving a few waves is easy with the help of the CPU controlled partner, but later waves mixing different enemy types becomes a strategic attack and retreat battle.

Gun Bros presents impressive visuals containing 3D polygonal characters with highly rendered environments. Even with a massive amount of movement on screen, there was no noticeable lag in gameplay.

Leveling up and purchasing new weapons does make Gun Bros a little easier, but each of the different worlds contains different enemy types and wastes no time sending armies against the duo. Control in Gun Bros is defined by two circles on the touch screen. One is for movement and the other is for directional fire; so it is possible to strafe and retreat while firing in a specific direction.

Gun Bros is free, but supports in-app purchasing so it is possible to spend actual dollars for items in game like weapons and armor. There are multiple ways to earn in-game currency as well.

Gun Bros is an amazing arcade shooter, offering a lot for old school arcade fans.


  • Brand new combo Starter Pack to get your Bro ready for action!
  • New Guns & and Brand New Sets of Armor!
  • Got old weapons in your arsenal that you don't use? Sell them back to the store to earn extra Coins and War Bucks!
  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
Gun Bros


Gun Bros 3.5.0